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Antibiotic Guardian

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You can help to avoid antibiotic resistance by only taking antibiotics when you really need them and when they have been recommended for you by a healthcare professional.

If you are prescribed an antibiotic, follow the directions for use carefully and always remember to complete the full recommended course.

Antibiotics may cause side-effects such as thrush, diarrhoea, rash and stomach upset. They can also cause allergic reactions, which may occasionally be severe. It is important to discuss all antibiotic treatments fully with your healthcare professional.

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To understand better the symptom duration of cold and flu a new informative website,, has been developed that features a symptom checker and warning signs support material, to help people understand how long symptoms could last for and when it is appropriate to seek medical assistance.


Do I Need An Antibiotic?

Does My Child Need An Antibiotic? 



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