Patients Aged 40-45-49, 50-59 60-64 ,65-69, 

over 70 and CEV patients


can book with the regional centres through this link:

or by telephoning



We are experiencing high call levels please use these additional contact numbers for your convenience


07851 962 861

07851 962 863

07851 962 964

07851 963 536


If you move address outside of the Practice Boundary and give us notification of your change of address (this includes patients who currently live outside the catchment area, and have done so for many years prior to this policy being put in place, but may be moving to a new address close to their current address, ie Whitehead -to- Whitehead, or Ballycarry -to- Ballycarry)...

  • We will inform you verbally and give you details of how to register with another Practice 
  • We will let you know that we will be responsible for your medical care and prescriptions for a period of 30 days from the notification
  • We will assist you with any further health needs or requests for a period of 30 days
  • We will advise you that you will receive notification from BSO ( Business Services Organisation) regarding registration with another Practice
  • If you are unhappy with the situation and state that you do not wish to leave the Practice due to extenuating circumstances we will review your reasons and the Partnership will make a decision based on individual needs
    • Extenuating circumstances may include; Terminal illness, Break in continuity of care or treatment, cancer care, Patient’s unmet need based on the decision of a GP that it would not be reasonable for you to be removed from the Practice list at this time.
    • If you are allowed to remain on the Practice list you will be informed verbally and in writing by the Practice Manager
    • We will also inform you that this arrangement to remain on the Practice list only exists for your current new address and should you move again outside of the Practice catchment area the removal protocol will again be invoked
    • A note will be placed on your medical record to inform Clinicians and staff of this agreement between yourself and the Practice


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