Asthma Reviews


Due to COVID19 the Castle Practice would like to do Asthma reviews but without bringing patients to the practice where possible.

You have been directed to this page via an email or text message from the practice. The purpose of this is so that you know what to expect during the telephone call and to have some answers pre-prepared for the nurse.

If you have replied that you wish to have your review over the phone, the process will be as follows:

  • We will message you a date and an approximate time (AM or PM) for the Nurse to ring you and do the review.

  • We will ask you to do a baseline peak flow reading – if you do not have a peak flow meter please let us know and we will arrange a prescription for you to collect one from your pharmacy of choice. Please let us know this asap to ensure you have the peak flow meter in time to take a reading prior to your telephone consultation.

  • Before your appointment please visit this website asthma test and take the Asthma Control Test. Note down your responses for each of the questions ready for your telephone consultation

On the day of your appointment the Nurse will discuss and review:

  • Your medication

  • Acute episodes of treatment (GP or Hospital)

  • The answers from the Asthma Test

  • Inhaler Technique

  • Medication Compliance

  • Any changes needed in your medication

When the consultation is finished the nurse will:

  • Update your medical records

  • Update your Asthma Action Plan and send you a copy via email or in the post. School age children will also get a plan to send to school. The nurse will also ensure the child has enough inhalers and spacers for home and school needs.

  • Arrange a face to face review if they feel it is needed

  • More information on Asthma can be found here



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